What is the best slide rule? (2023)

What is the best slide rule ever made?

FABER-CASTELL 2/83N slide rule is considered by some to be the finest and most beautiful slide rule ever made.

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What is slide rule answer?

The slide rule is a mechanical analog computer which is used primarily for multiplication and division, and for functions such as exponents, roots, logarithms, and trigonometry. It is not typically designed for addition or subtraction, which is usually performed using other methods.

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Is a slide rule better than a calculator?

You are supposed to understand your problem well enough so you can tell where to put it. The slide rule also does not tell you the sign of your result. Compared to a calculator, a slide rule is severely limited in its accuracy. You can enter and read a number typically to two or three decimal digits only.

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How accurate is a slide rule?

While this is a quick way to do big calculations, it has limited accuracy. A typical slide rule is 10-12 inches long. Its precision is based on the fineness of the markings and the accuracy with which you can read them. Most have three significant digits of precision.

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What slide rule did Einstein use?

Einstein favored a Nestler slide rule in his work.

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What slide rule did NASA?

NASA chose a 5-inch, metal rule, model "N600-ES," manufactured by the Pickett Company for their use. It was a model that was popular among engineers, scientists and students at the time. No modifications were needed for use in space. This rule was used by the crew of Apollo 13, in April 1970.

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What is the new slide rule?

The slide rule prohibits runners from using a "roll block" or attempting to initiate contact with the fielder by elevating and kicking his leg above the fielder's knee, throwing his arm or his upper body or grabbing the fielder.

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What is a slide rule calculator?

Before the smartphone, the laptop and the graphing calculator, there was the slide rule. It's a powerful mechanical computing device, often no larger than a 12-inch ruler, marked with numbers — but part of it slides in an out to to show relationships between different sets of numbers.

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When was the last slide rule made?

Slide rules became increasingly popular in the 1950s and 1960s, before beginning to fall out of favor to pocket calculators, which, by the mid 1970s, had become affordable and were considered significantly easier to use by the masses. The last slide rule manufactured in the United States was produced on July 11, 1976.

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Does anyone make slide rules anymore?

Though they're no longer produced, the company still stocks around 1,200 or so and occasionally gets an order for some. Why would anyone still want to buy a slide rule, when inexpensive calculators are so readily available? According to Haase, slide rules are better suited to some functions than are calculators.

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What are the different scales on a slide rule?

Multiplication and division are performed using the C and D scales. Square and square root are performed with the A and B scales. The numbers are marked according to a logarithmic scale. Therefore, the first number on the slide rule scale (also called the index) is 1 because the log of zero is one.

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Is there a slide rule in high school baseball?

NFHS (high school) slide rule

The NFHS rule is more restrictive than the NCAA rule: As with NCAA, high school players must slide "on the ground and in a direct line between the two bases," or "within reach of the base with either a hand or a foot" on the side of the base away from the fielder.

What is the best slide rule? (2023)
Did Newton use a slide rule?

What do Isaac Newton, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, and Apollo astronauts have in common? They all used slide rules!

What are the 3 laws of Einstein?

I begin the discussion by offering the following three laws: ▸ The laws of physics are identical in all non-accelerating (that is, inertial) frames. ▸ The vacuum speed of light, c, is the same for all inertial frames. ▸ The total energy E of a body of mass m and momentum p is given by E=√m2c4+p2c2.

What is a Mannheim slide rule?

The Mannheim type slide rule consists of three parts, a ruler, a slider, and a runner. The ruler (also called the body or the stock) carries three scales marked A, D, and K. The slider fits into and slides in grooves on the top side of the body.

Who invented slide rule?

The slide rule was invented by William Oughtred in the 1600's, but only began to be widely used in the mid 1800's after a French artillery officer named Amedee Mannheim developed a version that became popular among engineers. By the early 1900's engineering students in the US were commonly taught to use slide rules.

What happened NASA 1981?

In the early morning hours of April 12, 1981, NASA launched is first Space Transportation System, or space shuttle, mission, carrying astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen into orbit.

Is there a must slide rule in baseball?

Comment: There is no “must slide rule.” The rule is, “slide, or attempt to get around.” The key in this situation is, “the fielder has the ball and is waiting to make a tag.” If the fielder (any fielder, not just the catcher) does not have the ball, and there is a collision, you CANNOT call the runner out.

Is head first slide faster?

Results: We found no statistically significant difference in speed between head-first and feet-first sliding at all levels of play in this study.

Can you slide head first in MLB?

Head first should not be used when sliding into home plate at any time (the catcher with all his gear on can do some damage to your fingers and your shoulders if you come in head first). Also, sliding head first when trying to break up a double play is illegal, and you and the hitter will be called out.

What is the 2 4 8 rule in PowerPoint?

Experts emphasize – and practitioners know – the 2.4. 8 rule: 2 minutes per slide / 4 bullet points per slide / 8 words per bullet point. But how often do we actually follow it? And how easy is it?

What is the 8x8 rule of slides?

Proper noun

The recommendation that each slide in a presentation should contain a maximum of eight lines of text with a maximum of eight words in each line.

What is the 6'6 rule for slides?

In the land of optimal slide text, a more minimal guideline is the 6×6 rule. The recommendation for the 6×6 rule is a maximum of six bullet points per slide with a maximum of six words per bullet. There is a school of thought that there should only be one word per bullet or 6 words per slide total.

When did the QB slide rule start?

The quarterback slide came into existence in the NFL before the 1985 season. Despite the protests of the vaunted Chicago Bears defense, the NFL added a new rule that called a quarterback down if he slid feet first.

Is TI-89 better than TI-84?

TI-89 vs TI-84: Functionality

The biggest factor when choosing between these two calculators should probably center around what tasks you classes you plan on taking. If you are trying to knock out your high school requirements for math and never touch the subject again, the TI-84 is best.

Who is the No 1 human calculator in the world?

Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash (born 13 October 1999) is a human calculator from India, and is titled as the "World's Fastest Human Calculator". BBC said "Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash is to math (mental calculation) what Usain Bolt is to running".

What is the most popular calculator?

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus graphing calculator

The TI-84 Plus is one of the most popular graphing calculators on the market; it's been a mainstay in school math class rooms for decades. It boats a 4.7-star rating with more than 13,000 reviews on Amazon.

Who is the fastest math calculator?

Bhanu holds four world records and 50 Limca records and has earned himself the tags of 'World's Fastest Human Calculator' and 'Usain Bolt of Mathematics'. Bhanu has created an EdTech platform, Bhanzu, to help dispel the fear of maths.

Is a QB allowed to fake a slide?

The rewritten rule is basic: “Any time a ball carrier simulates or fakes a feet-first slide, the ball should be declared dead by the on-field officials at that point.

Is Sliding illegal?

2-32-2 A slide is illegal if: the runner uses a rolling, cross-body or pop-up slide into the fielder, or. the runner's raised leg is higher than the fielder's knee when the fielder is in a standing position, or.

Is there a limit to how many slides you can have?

There is no slide limit; however, there is a file size limit of 100MB for PowerPoint uploads.

What are the four types of scale?

Psychologist Stanley Stevens developed the four common scales of measurement: nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio.

What are the three methods of scale?

There are three primary ways to indicate scale on a map: a representative fraction (e.g., 1:24,000), a verbal scale (e.g., “One inch to the mile”), or a graphic scale bar.

Does sliding hurt in baseball?

Conclusion: Injuries occurring while sliding in professional baseball result in a significant amount of time out of play for these elite athletes. Injuries occurring at second base and those occurring to the hands and fingers were most prevalent and may be an appropriate target for future injury prevention programs.

Is sliding faster in baseball?

Differences between sliding head-first and feet-first were not significant in either group. Running through first base is significantly faster than sliding in collegiate baseball and softball players. Sliding into first base should only be attempted when avoiding a tag from or a collision with a fielder.

Does anyone still manufacture slide rules?

Although some overseas companies continue to make slide rules and retailers like ThinkGeek offer replica models, these are often sold for nostalgia or are far more advanced than actual slide rules, some including electronics. Keuffel & Esser (K&E) Corporation had the honor of producing the last slide rule.

What are the three most important slide design rules?

Rule 1: Put one point or idea on a slide. Rule 2: The audience should quickly know where to put their attention. Rule 3: Objects on a slide should be orderly — no misaligned objects, for example.

Why did they ban the fake slide?

"To allow the ball carrier to fake a slide would compromise the defense that is being instructed to let up when the ball carrier slides feet first. A fake slide will not be considered reviewable under Rule 12-3-3 – Dead Ball and Loose Ball."

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