Where are the most NFL fans? (2023)

Where are the most NFL fans?

NFL Teams With Most Fans in Attendance This Season
28 more rows
Jan 3, 2023

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What NFL fan base has the most fans?

Dallas Cowboys

Since its founding in 1960, this franchise has won five Super Bowls. One only needs to witness the fervor at an AT&T Stadium home game to truly understand the power of 8.5 million devoted Cowboy fans, as the Dallas Cowboys have a larger fan base than any other NFL team.

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What state loves NFL football the most?

StateRank: Love to Watch Sports on TVFavorite Sport
West Virginia1Football
North Dakota4Football
47 more rows

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Where is NFL most popular in the US?

Which NFL team is the most popular in the U.S.? The Dallas Cowboys remain “America's Team,” at least in terms of search trends.

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Which NFL stadium fits the most?

MetLife Stadium is the largest NFL stadium in the league, with a capacity of 82,500.

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What NFL team has the smallest fan base?

Total Number of Fans

In terms of the raw number of fans in the US, two things stayed consistent throughout the past five years: the Dallas Cowboys have the largest fanbase in the NFL, and the Jacksonville Jaguars have the smallest.

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What NFL stadium has the loudest fans?

Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City, Missouri)

Arrowhead has consistently held the title as the NFL's loudest stadium for some time — decibel level readings be damned.

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What NFL city has the best fans?

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys, however, still rank first in the NFL in attendance every single season. You will find a huge swath of Cowboys fans at every single Dallas road game, as well, which is a testament to the legendary franchise's nationwide popularity. America's Team, indeed.

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What is the biggest crowd in NFL history?

The largest crowd to watch any NFL game was 112,376 in a preseason matchup between the Cowboys and Houston Oilers in Mexico City in 1994. There also was a crowd of 105,840 in Chicago for an exhibition game between the Bears and a college all-star team in 1947.

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What is the #1 sport in America?

Historically, the national sport has been baseball. However, in more recent decades, American football has been the most popular sport in terms of broadcast viewership audience.

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What is the smallest city to host an NFL team?

Jacksonville joins Green Bay as the only city to have an NFL-exclusive team among the "big four" sports leagues. Green Bay, Wisconsin, is the smallest market to have a major pro sports team because of a population of around 105,100.

What is the largest US city without an NFL team?

That includes San Antonio, the largest city without an NFL team at 1.5 million. Ten of the 30 most populated cities in the United States do not have NFL teams. St. Louis is not one of those cities in the top 10, but San Diego is.

Where are the most NFL fans? (2023)
Who is America's favorite NFL team?

But some fanbases are bigger than others, and when it comes to being the most popular team in the country – at least in terms of internet searches – look no further than "America's team," the Dallas Cowboys.

What countries is the NFL big in?

According to the NFL, the league has 67.5 million international fans coming primarily from Mexico, Canada, Germany, the U.K., China, and Brazil.

Which city has the largest NFL market?

Ranking the 115 U.S. based franchises in the “Big Four” professional sports leagues (NBA, NFL, NHL and Major League Baseball) by Nielsen TV market size. As of 2022, the top five markets remain the same as in previous years — New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and Dallas-Ft. Worth.

What are the 5 smallest NFL stadiums?

Here we list the five smallest current NFL stadiums by capacity.
  • Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Dolphins – 65,236. ...
  • Ford Field, Detroit Lions – 65,000. ...
  • Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas Raiders – 65,000. ...
  • State Farm Stadium, Arizona Cardinals – 63,400. ...
  • Soldier Field, Chicago Bears – 61,500.
Oct 24, 2022

What is the cheapest stadium in the NFL?

What's the cheapest NFL stadium? The cheapest NFL stadium belongs to Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers. Opened on Sept. 29, 1957, the initial construction cost for the “Frozen Tundra” was $960,000.

Who has the most hated NFL fan bases?

Rams fans were accused of wanting to start fights, while the Chargers faithful heckled too much. In what probably comes as no surprise to many, the Philadelphia Eagles took home the rudest fanbase.

What is the most smallest NFL stadium?

The smallest stadium is Soldier Field with a capacity of 61,500. In their normal configurations, all of the league's 30 stadiums have a seating capacity of at least 60,000 spectators; of those, a majority (17) have fewer than 70,000 seats, while eight have between 70,000 and 80,000 and five can seat 80,000 or more.

What is the noisiest football stadium?

The Kansas City Chiefs' Arrowhead Stadium holds the Guinness World Record for loudest outdoor stadium, reaching 142.2 decibels at a game in 2014.

What is the loudest football game ever?

The Seattle Times reported that the highest decibel level ever record at a college football game was 133.6 decibels played at the University of Washington at Husky Stadium in 1992.

What city has the biggest fan base?

Pittsburgh, PA

What is the most watched NFL game?

The Cowboys' 28-20 victory on Fox averaged 42 million US viewers, according to Nielsen, surpassing the 41.55 million average for the Monday night game between the Giants and San Francisco 49ers on ABC in December 1990. Average viewer record numbers date to 1988.

What was the lowest attendance in an NFL game ever?

December 6, 1992, Indianapolis Colts 6 New England Patriots 0, Attendance: 19,429.

What is America's hottest sport?

Score: Ranking The 10 Hottest Sports
  • Wrestling. (Source)
  • Swimming. (Source) ...
  • Gymnastics. (Source) ...
  • Basketball. (Source) ...
  • Baseball. (Source) ...
  • Figure Skating. (Source) ...
  • Tennis. (Source) ...
  • Football. (Source) Football: A tough sport full of hot people, but rarely a sexy spectacle while the game is going on. ...
May 1, 2013

What is the least watched sport in America?

Hockey is one of the most exciting sports in the world. Other countries such as Canada, Russia, Sweden among others recognize it. In the United States, it seems like the little brother that tags along compared to football, basketball and baseball.

What sport gets the most money?

Highest Paying Sports in the World

Basketball is the highest paid sport in the world, with the average annual salary in the NBA in 2023 being nearly $10.5 million. This is more than double the average salary in the NFL, which sits in second place at $4.5 million.

What city has the most football fans?

Pittsburgh, PA

Where is NFL popular outside US?

American football is a global sport now

The UK is a great example, but other nations such as Mexico, Canada, and Germany also love the game. When you think that Brazil is said to have almost 20 million NFL fans alone, the picture becomes more apparent.

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