Which is better Tiempo or Phantom? (2023)

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Which is better Tiempo or Phantom?

The Tiempo is built for every player and is the most durable of the Nike Silos. The Phantom is the perfect cleat for the most offensive and creative minded players. The Mercurial is the cleat built for the speedy and dynamic player.

What is the difference between Nike Phantom and Mercurial and Tiempo?

Both the Mercurial and Phantom models are more suited to a particular type of player, whereas the Tiempo can be worn by just about anyone. The soft k-leather provides incredible comfort, while the Flyknit mix makes them more lightweight than ever before.

What are Nike Tiempos best for?

As written earlier, it all depends on what football boot fits your foot and playstyle the best. Nike Tiempo Legend: The leather boot from Nike which fits quite well for defenders who wishes a comfortable football boot with a good touch.

What are the phantom boots best for?

Style of play: the Nike Phantom is best suited for players known for error-free drives, passes and shots—plus advanced foot skills.

Is Nike Phantom better than Mercurial?

The Mercurial appeals to those with narrow to standard width feet and the Phantom GT to wide feet players. Lockdown-wise, the built of the Mercurial, plus its central lacing, goes slightly ahead in terms of being secure, with the Phantom GT going just a close second.

What is the most comfortable soccer cleats of Nike?

For Maximum Comfort: Tiempo

Style of play: The Nike Tiempo is best suited for players known for a soft but precise touch on the ball. Nike Tiempo cleats are designed with premium leather to maximize a player's comfort throughout a match or practice session.

Are Nike Phantoms good for soccer?

The new Nike Phantom GT is one of the biggest soccer cleat innovations of the year. Featuring a textured upper for more ball control and dynamic traction for faster cuts and turns, the Phantom GT is sculpted for creative players.

What is the most popular Nike shoe style?

Air Force 1 – Perhaps the Best “Basic” Nike Out There

Click/tap image to shop for these on eBay! The all-time classic Air Force 1 is the most consistently popular Nike of all time and debatably one of the best sneakers ever made for collectors.

Which shoe is best in Nike?

  • Nike Pegasus 40. Best Seller. ...
  • Nike G.T. Cut 2. Best Seller. ...
  • Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG. Just In. ...
  • Nike Air Foamposite 1. Available in SNKRS. ...
  • Nike Victori One. Best Seller. ...
  • Nike Air Max 1 Premium. Available in SNKRS. ...
  • Nike Air Huarache. Just In. Nike Air Huarache. ...
  • Nike Air More Uptempo '96. Best Seller. Nike Air More Uptempo '96.

Do strikers wear Nike Tiempo?

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite

While the latest Tiempos have been snapped adorning the feet of a host of players in varying positions, FFT's Nike Tiempo Legend 9 football boots review points out the fact that these are, in fact, boots built for strikers.

Which attackers wear tiempos?

The Nike Tiempo football boot is known for its comfort. It is endorsed by players including Ronaldinho, Sergio Ramos, Carlos Puyol, Gerard Piqué, Jérôme Boateng, Andrea Pirlo, Ji Sung Park, Ido Bleicher and Carlos Tevez, Julie Ertz.

Are phantoms or mercurials better for wide feet?

As a Phantom boot, the GX does stretch wide, and coupled with a free-flowing knitted upper the GX can certainly accommodate foot shapes on the higher end of the width spectrum. On the other hand, the Mercurials are notoriously tight and narrow-fitting and is generally NOT considered in any wide feet football boot list.

Are tiempos good for wide feet?

Nike Tiempo Legend 9

Typically made from stretchy k-leather and boasting some truly classic colourways, many wide-footed players have been opting for the Nike Tiempo for years. The Legend 7s and 8s undoubtedly changed the game forever, bringing the Swoosh's Flyknit technology to Nike boot silos for the very first time.

What happened to Nike Phantom?

Nike discontinued both the Phantom Venom and Phantom Vision football boot silos from the 2020-21 season, in favor of the Nike Phantom GT. There have been only three different Nike boot silos since the start of the 20-21 season: Mercurial, Phantom GT and Tiempo.

What did the Nike Phantom replace?

The Nike Hypervenom Phantom introduced several new features from other football boots at the time. It was made to replace the previous line, Nike Total 90 (T90), a line from Nike that has been around since 2000.

Which players use Nike Phantom?

Nike Phantom GX - Popular Players
  • Erling Haaland.
  • Gavi.
  • Rodrygo.
  • Eduardo Camavinga.
  • Phil Foden.
  • Enzo Fernández.
  • Harry Kane.
  • Sergio Busquets.
Apr 3, 2023

Are Nike tiempos comfortable?

The Nike Tiempo features a combination of soft materials inside which makes them extremely comfortable right out of box with little break-in time needed. The upper is quite thick but with kangaroo leather, it tends to be more flexible around your feet which makes them comfortable.

Are Nike Phantoms good for strikers?

Preferred by the likes of Harry Kane and Andre Silva, the Phantom GX is the ultimate striker's choice. With sticky Gripknit in the upper, the Phantom GX prevents the ball from slicking away and helps the striker control it on his first touch.

Are Nike Phantoms good for midfielders?

Nike Phantom GT2 Elite FG Soccer Cleats

This shoe is perfect for a midfielder or striker with its lightweight design, secure fit, and attention to detail. ... Great.

What is the world's most popular shoe?

Since its initial release in 1982, the Air Force 1 has become one of the most recognised shoe designs on the planet, a favourite with everyone from fashion lovers to felons and a bestseller for Nike year after year – it was the top-selling athletic footwear in dollars among all brands in the US in 2020, according to ...

What are the hottest Nike shoes in 2023?

The most popular Nike shoe in 2023 is the Low Dunk, followed by Dunk High Top, Nike Air Force 1 '07 and Jordan 1 Mid. They all retail at different prices and offer satisfying comfort, which makes them affordable and ideal for everyday use.

What is Nike top 1 competitor?

1. Adidas. Established in 1949, Adidas is a global brand and Nike's top competitor.

Which is better Nike or Adidas?

If we talk about style and comfort, no one is the clear winner in the battle of best shoes in India. In short, choosing Nike shoes or Adidas shoes depends on personal taste. Both companies have a good reputation and offer high-quality footwear.

Have Nike stopped making Tiempos?

In addition, the Tiempo Premier, also set to launch this summer, will move away from the use of kangaroo leather. Nike divested of its only kangaroo leather supplier in 2021 and will stop making any product with kangaroo leather in 2023.” - Nike statement.

Are Tiempos for midfielders?

Nike Tiempo Legend 9

The chevron studs have been specially designed to add traction, helping players change direction more easily – perfect for bursting past rivals in the centre of the pitch. This is a stunning all-round boot, and one any midfielder player should consider adding to their toolkit.

What defenders wear Tiempos?

Why do defenders wear Tiempos? Tiempos are legendary soccer shoes designed to bring the weight down to a more competitive level. Many defenders like it because it is light. Nike has produced different types of the brand, including Tiempo Legend 1-9, 9 Elites and Pro.

What boots did Xavi wear?

Adidas Predator LZ match worn & double hand signed by one of the greatest midfielders of all time - Xavi.

Are Tiempo cleats for defenders?

Best soccer cleats for defenders: Nike Tiempo Legend 9

That's because, while light and offering great traction, they're more durable than many of their peers.

Did Ronaldinho wear Tiempos?

Ronaldinho is a 43-year-old Midfielder. Ronaldinho wears Nike Tiempo Legend 9 MI soccer cleats in 2022-2023.

Why is the Nike Mercurial so popular?

Today, the Mercurial is the most worn model of football boots by professional players. Thanks to the rich history of the football boot, Nike's constant technological advancement of it, and the notoriety of the pro players who wear them, there's no denying the popularity and legend status of the Mercurials.

When did Nike Tiempo come out?

Since the Nike Tiempo collection was unleashed on the world in 1994, the boot has evolved a lot over several generations.

Can you wear tiempos as a winger?

Nike Tiempo Legend 9

The chevron studs have been specially designed to add traction, helping wingers change direction more easily – perfect for bursting past defenders.

What size should you get tiempos?

Solution: Go half a size down with the Tiempo and wear a pair of grip socks (with grip zones around the heel) for good measure.

What shape of shoe is best for wide feet?


The open-sided style is great for wide feet because they offer a more relaxed fit than a fully closed shoe, especially if the shoe is made of suede, which is very soft.

What shoes did Nike cancel?

Nike cancels Kyrie Irving shoe release, suspends relationship with Nets star in antisemitism fallout. The shoe and sports company condemned hate speech and said it will no longer release the Kyrie 8 shoe.

Why doesn t Amazon sell Nike anymore?

The goal behind the deal was to cut back on unlicensed, unauthorized sales. But by eliminating third-party sellers, Nike had also hoped to redirect sales to their own channel, which, in turn, would allow them to collect more customer data and leverage Amazon's gigantic retail scale.

Is Nike being removed from stores?

You won't be able to buy Nike sneakers and apparel at one of America's largest shoe store chains in 2022. Nike announced it will stop selling to DSW as it cuts ties with many stores and shifts to selling more of its products through its own shops, websites, mobile apps and select retailers.

What is the rarest most expensive Nike shoes?

The most expensive Nike shoes ever sold were the Solid Gold Ovo Air Jordan which Drake purchased for $2 million.

Is Phantom and Hypervenom the same?

The sole plates of the Nike Hypervenom III Elite soccer cleat and the Nike Phantom VNM soccer cleat are both made for acceleration, agility and speed. Compared to the Nike Hypervenom, the Nike Phantom VNM comes without any conical studs - it puts even more focus on speed and less on rotational agility.

Is Nike Phantom the same as Hypervenom?

The Nike Phantom Venom (PhantomVNM) is the sequel to the Nike Hypervenom and follows closely in its footsteps of its famous predecessor. Though the silo maintains an emphasis on improving the performance of strikers, there is new technology to be found too.

What position are Nike Phantoms good for?

Nike Hypervenom Phinish/Phantom II: Made for the most dangerous attackers who always knows where the goal is and wants to decide the games. It is made from the new developed NikeSkin and Flywire gives it comfort and support. It has a medium fit.

What do Nike Phantoms help with?

The Nike Phantom GX are made for you to stick out on pitch with Gripknit technology to give you precise ball control, they are grippy on the ball but not too sticky.

What cleats does De Bruyne wear?

De Bruyne's Football Boots. Kevin de Bruyne usually wears the Nike Phantom, a boot built around the concepts of control and agility. The silo surely fits the mould of de Bruyne who seems to be able to put the ball at the right place at the right time.

Is Nike Tiempo for attackers?

1 of our lightest Tiempos to date, the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite AG-Pro lets you go on the offensive with a low-profile design that's reinvented for attackers.

Can attackers wear tiempos?

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite

The chevron studs have been specially designed to add traction, helping attacking players change direction more easily – perfect for bursting past defenders. This is a stunning all-round boot, and one any attack-minded players should consider adding to their toolkit.

What boots does Kylian Mbappe wear?

Nike Mercurial Superfly 5 OG vs Mbappé 2023 Special

Mbappé is currently wearing the Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 Dream Speed 6 soccer cleats. He made his PSG debut in 2017 wearing the Nike Mercurial Vapor 11 (current generation = Vapor 15).

Do phantom boots stretch?

Fit and Comfort

Over time, the upper will provide some stretch but nothing overly dramatic. They are not an ideal option for wide fitting players, so if you find them to be pretty tight from first wear I would move to another option. From my experience, they fit my medium/wide foot pretty well.

What are the newest tiempos?

Nike to launch Tiempo Legend 10 in 2023

The Tiempo is Nike's heritage silo and has the most basic design of their elite-level range, with all models up until the Tiempo Legend 10 being made from soft kangaroo leather. The Nike Tiempo 10 soccer cleats come with a leather-free upper.

Are Nike Tiempos water proof?

The Nike Tiempo Legend V Men's Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat is engineered to provide the perfect first touch while delivering long-lasting comfort in all conditions with a waterproof upper.

Are tiempos made for wide feet?

Typically made from stretchy k-leather and boasting some truly classic colourways, many wide-footed players have been opting for the Nike Tiempo for years.

Are Nike Tiempo good for dribbling?

Featuring a stunning futuristic look made for the globe's greatest players, these boots have raised textures backed by soft foam pods for precise dribbling, passing and scoring in 1 of our lightest Tiempos to date.

Who wears Tiempo shoes?

Worn by the likes of Maldini, Romario, Pirlo, Puyol, Pique, Totti, Van Dijk the Tiempo is one of the best boot silos we've seen.

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