Who is the highest goal scorer in africa? (2023)

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Who is the highest goal scorer in the history of African Nations Cup?

Among the cup's greatest performers are Samuel Eto'o of Cameroon, who holds the record for most career goals scored in the Cup of Nations (18), and Ivorian striker Laurent Pokou, who tallied five goals in a 6–1 victory over Ethiopia in 1970.

Who is the top 10 highest goal scorer?

  • Ferenc Deak. ...
  • Gerd Muller. 734 goals in 793 games – 1962-1981. ...
  • Ferenc Puskas. Advertisement. ...
  • Pele. 757 goals in 831 games – 1957-1977. ...
  • Romario. Advertisement. ...
  • Lionel Messi. Advertisement. ...
  • Josef Bican. 805+ goals in 530+ games – 1931-1956. ...
  • Cristiano Ronaldo. 824 goals in 1,149 games – 2001-present.
Feb 11, 2023

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Who is Africa greatest player ever?

Top 10 Greatest African Players of all time
  1. SAMUEL ETO'O. No doubt about our number one.

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Who is Nigeria highest goal scorer in history?

1. Rashidi Yekini. Nigeria's all-time top scorer, and arguably the greatest striker the country has ever produced, Yekini bagged 37 goals across 58 appearances between the mid 80s and the late 90s.

(African Football Archives.)
Which player has more trophies in Africa?

Cameroons Samuel Eto'o, and Ivory Coast's Didier Drogba and Yaya Touré are Africa's top three decorated African players with a total of 53 titles amongst them.

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Who has the most trophies in Africa?

Best Choice Sports
  • African Countries with most TROPHIES Base on CAF tournament's, FIFA and OLYMPIC'S... 👇👇👇
  • NIGERIA🇳🇬 33 TITLES. 3 -AFCON. ...
  • EGYPT🇪🇬 13 TITLES. 7 -AFCON. ...
  • GHANA🇬🇭 12 TITLES. 4 -AFCON. ...
  • CAMEROON🇨🇲 9 TITLES. 5 -AFCON. ...
  • DR CONGO🇨🇩 4 TITLES. 2 -AFCON. ...
Jan 17, 2022

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Who is No 1 Messi or Ronaldo?

Who is better Messi Or Ronaldo? Ronaldo has scored more goals and won two 'Best FIFA Men's Player' awards, but Messi has won more Ballon d'Or awards (7). Messi has spent most of his playing career in Spain, while Ronaldo has played in Portugal, England, Spain, and Italy.

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Who is highest goal scorer now?

With 109 goals, he held the record for the most goals scored by an international player until Cristiano Ronaldo surpassed him in 2021.
Top 10 Highest Goal Scorers In International Football (Soccer)
  • Lionel Messi.
  • Mokhtar Dahari.
  • Ferenc Puskas.
  • Sunil Chhetri.
  • Ali Mabkhout.
  • Godfrey Chitalu.
  • Hussain Saeed.
  • Robert Lewandowski.
Dec 19, 2022

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Who is the world best player?

Lionel Messi, the FIFA World Cup winner, has been named The Best FIFA Men's Player. Messi was chosen ahead of Kylian Mbappe, the France forward and World Cup finalist.

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Who is the best striker in Africa?

Names like Nwankwo Kanu, Hossam Hassan Hossam, Roger Milla, Asamoah Gyan, Abedi Pele and George Weah and Samuel Eto'O helped put the continent on the global map with their incredible abilities in front of goal.

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Who won Ballon d or in Africa?

George Weah

To date, the only African player to ever win the Ballon d'Or, Weah clinched the award in 1995—the first year that the prize was opened to non-European players. In that year, he defeated Jurgen Klinsmann—in second place—by 144 votes to 108, and would also pick up 13 votes the year afterwards.

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Who is the best defender in Africa?

Saturday February 18 2023
  • Sammy Kuffour - Ghana. Samuel Osei "Sammy" Kuffour is a Ghanaian defender, and he tops the list of our greatest African defenders to play in Europe. ...
  • Kolo Toure - Ivory Coast. ...
  • Geremi Sorele Njitap Fotso - Cameroon. ...
  • Laureano Bisan-Etame Mayer - Cameroon. ...
  • Taribo West - Nigeria.
Feb 18, 2023

Who is the highest goal scorer in africa? (2023)
Who is the football legend in Africa?

Georges Weah is one of the most successful African players in the history of the game. The Liberian player was at the top of his glory in 1995 when he was awarded the title of FIFA Golden Ball, a distinction he is the only African to hold until now. Roger Milla is another legendary player from Africa.

Who is the skillful player in Africa?

Liberia football legend George Weah has stated that former Super Eagles skipper Austin Okocha remains the most skillful player from Africa. However, Okocha in his illustrious career, never won the CAF African Player of Year Award.

Who is Nigeria best striker?

According to International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS, Odion Ighalo is Nigeria's best striker in 2022. The IFFHS reveals the ranking for World's best goal scorers in 2022, and Odion Ighalo is the highest ranked Nigerian striker on list.

Who is the all time best player in Nigeria?

Arguably Nigeria's most talented footballer of all time, Jay-Jay Okocha captured the imagination of many at home and abroad. His senior international debut came on 2nd May 1993 during his third season as a pro and first at German side Eintracht Frankfurt; Okocha was aged 19 at the time.

Who is the first best player in Africa?

1Samuel Eto'o

It is no surprise to see Eto'o at the top of this list. The two-time Afcon winner is, without a doubt, Africa's most decorated player in Europe, having won the Champions League three times, and league titles in La Liga and Italy too.

Which player has won all trophy?

Brazilian footballer Davi Alves holds the record for most trophies won by a player in football. Since making his professional debut for the Brazilian football club Bahia in 2003, Dani Alves has won a staggering 43 titles in his illustrious career so far.

Who has the best team in Africa?

Updated after matches played on 19 February 2023
RankClub / CountryPoints
1Mamelodi Sundowns FC South Africa1645
2Al Ahly Egypt1635
3Wydad Casablanca Morocco1608
4Esperance de Tunis Tunisia1606
47 more rows
Feb 19, 2023

Who is goat in football?

Lionel Messi is widely acknowledged as the GOAT of football in the modern era and is also considered by many to be the greatest player of all time or the GOAT in history.

Who is the goat Messi or cr7?

Messi lays claim to both records, having won the Ballon d'Or seven times and the Best FIFA Men's Player award (formerly the FIFA World Player of the Year) six times. Ronaldo has won each award five times.

Who is the goat soccer player?

Having led Argentina to triumph in the World Cup, Lionel Messi cemented his claim to being the greatest soccer player of all time.

Who scored more than 1200 goals?

Precisely how many time Pele hit the net is a matter of debate, with most statisticians agreeing the number is between 1,281 and 1,283. FIFA put his overall total at more than 1,200 - over 1,000 of which came for his first club, Santos.

Who scored more than 100 goals?

In April 2022, Cristiano Ronaldo became the most recent player to reach 100 goals.

Who is the most goal scorer in 2023?

Marcus Rashford is top goalscorer of 2023 because he has played a LOT of games. Kylian Mbappe led the 2022 top goalscorers list by six goals from the old man at Barcelona. But he could not win France the World Cup, the daft fraud. Marcus Rashford is the early frontrunner in 2023.

Who is the best striker?

Best striker in the world: Top 10 list in 2022
  • Karim Benzema, France | Real Madrid.
  • Robert Lewandowski, Poland | Bayern Munich/FC Barcelona.
  • Kylian Mbappe, France | Paris Saint-Germain.
  • Erling Haaland, Norway | Borussia Dortmund/Manchester City.
  • Harry Kane, England | Tottenham Hotspur.
Dec 31, 2022

Who is the king of football now?

Who is the king of football now 2023? Lionel Messi is the holder of the title 'King of football. ' He is best known for his dribbling skills, tricks on the field, impossible goals, and never-ending determination to win the game.

Which team is No 1 in football?

The FIFA Men's World Ranking is a ranking system for men's national teams in association football, led by Brazil as of 2022.

Who was the highest goal scorer in AFCON 2013?

Top Africa Cup of Nations 2013 goalscorers
  • º M. Wakaso. Ghana. 384' 0.8.
  • º E. Emenike. Nigeria. 403' 0.8.
  • º A. Traoré Burkina Faso. 126' ...
  • º S. Keita. Mali. 540' 0.5.
  • º D. Mbokani. The Democratic Republic Of Congo. 270' 0.67.
  • º Y. Gervinho. Ivory Coast. 270' 0.67.
  • º Y. Touré Ivory Coast. 270' 0.67.
  • º S. Mba. Nigeria. 359' 0.5.

Who was the top scorer in AFCON 2012?

2012 Africa Cup of Nations
Copa Africana de Naciones 2012 Campeonato Africano das Nações de 2012 Coupe d'Afrique des Nations 2012 AFCON 2012 CAN 2012
Top scorer(s)Manucho Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Didier Drogba Cheick Diabaté Houssine Kharja Christopher Katongo Emmanuel Mayuka (3 goals each)
18 more rows

Who scored 49 goals?

Allen scored 49 goals in all competitions for Tottenham in the 1986/87 season – which still stands as a club record. It's a record he has proudly held ever since, although he admits the time may have come for him to wave it goodbye.

Who scored 34 goals?

Alan Shearer's 34-goal EPL season came in the 1994-95 campaign while playing for Blackburn Rovers. Former Manchester United legend Andy Cole achieved the feat in the preceding season (1993-94) with Newcastle United - a team which would later become Shearer's own home.

Who is the old time top scorer in the history of World Cup with 15 goals for Brazil between 1998 and 2006?

Gerd Müller scored 10 for West Germany in 1970 and broke the overall record when he scored his 14th goal in a tournament match at a World Cup during West Germany's win in the 1974 final. His record stood for more than three decades until Ronaldo's 15 goals between 1998 and 2006 for Brazil.

Who was the top scorer in AFCON 2015?

Ghana's Andre Ayew claimed the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations top scorer honours with three goals. Despite the Black Stars losing 9-8 in dramatic penalty shootout on Sunday night in the Equatorial Guinea city of Bata, Ayew's goal haul was never matched. He also provided the highest number of assists.

Who is the African all time highest goal scorer in Europe?

Didier Drogba was recently inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame. The former Ivory Coast international is a legend of the sport and one of the finest footballers from Africa. He holds the record of scoring the most goals in the UEFA Champions League for an African with 44 goals in 92 appearances.

Who is the best player in AFCON 2013?

Jonathan Pitroipa

The Year that Was: The Cup of Nations is African football's centrepiece occasion. In 2013, Jonathan Pitroipa was the tournament's stand-out performer.

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